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NewJames Morris' Resume (pdf, doc, txt)

The Making of your Doctor

Some of the Common Medical Conditions Which Respond Best To Chinese Medicine

Virtual Office Visit (Many pictures so you'll know what to expect)

Overcoming Suffering by Discovering the Power within Us

Dr. Stemmler's Patient Advocacy Corner

The Healing Intent in Medicine

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Welcome to The Center for Integrated Medicine!


A little about The Center for Integrated Medicine

The Center for Integrated Medicine is a medical office where patients are cared for with kindness and compassion, as well as with skillful, common sense medicine.

The doctor, and her caring staff, provides a patient-centered, healing environment, while the body, mind and spirit triad of each patient is valued within their wholeness as a person.

The doctor shares her knowledge and expertise from her extensive training in family medicine, Chinese medicine, psychiatry and hypnotherapy, and from her personal and professional multicultural experience. This diverse background, coupled with almost 30 years of clinical practice, allows her to effectively assist patients in problem-solving some of their most complex clinical challenges.

Often sought after as a patient advocate and as a last resort opinion, she also uses her resourcefulness to coach and guide patients in evaluating their options, and in making their best health care choices, even beyond the boundaries of the Center, often searching for excellence nationwide and worldwide.

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